Calendar 2023 in favour of 4Brain

The care for Safety, Health and the Environment is embedded in the DNA of the Port Oostende. Previously, she inaugurated the Safety Wall with 24 Safe Henk cartoons, drawn by Herr Seele, that promote and support the safety idea. This year, Herr Seele created 12 paintings with 'the brain' as the central theme, commissioned by the Port Oostende. The prints of the paintings were transformed into a unique annual calendar for 2023 for the benefit of the non-profit organization 4Brain. The Safe Henk mascot, which guarantees a safe haven, now also focuses its attention on maintaining a healthy brain.

The non-profit organization 4Brain aims to inform the general public about how to keep your brain healthy, raise awareness about brain disorders and improve the quality of life of patients with brain disorders.

Despite the fact that more than a third of the population will suffer from a brain disorder at some point in their lives, only 10% of scientific research budgets go to brain research. This creates a large gap that can only be closed by private initiatives such as 4Brain.

Port Oostende will take various initiatives in 2023 to support this beautiful project, for example, in addition to the calendar, the Port Oostende Charity Run will also be organized on Saturday 6 May and in October there will be another Port Oostende Charity Night.

"Safety, Health and Environment is our priority every day. The social responsibility that Port Oostende assumes extends further. We are very pleased to do our bit and set up initiatives for the benefit of 4Brain that also benefit the general population."

Dirk Declerck, CEO Port Oostende

"We would like to thank Herr Seele again for the cooperation. The Safe Henk mascot that guarantees a safe port, now also focuses its attention on maintaining a healthy brain for the benefit of the non-profit organization 4Brain. In this way, Port Oostende strengthens the policy; not only to our own employees, but also from our social role as a Safe, Full and Renewed Port."

Charlotte Verkeyn, President Port Oostende 

"One in three will get a brain disorder at some point. Tumors, dementia, depression, Parkinson's, ALS, migraines to name a few. Barely 10% of the medical scientific budget goes to this discipline. Research is really needed. These conditions have a huge impact on a person's life. In addition to research into new techniques, it is of great importance to make this negotiable. Giving people a new life, that's what 4Brain does it for." 

Vanessa Delacourt, Founding Mother 4Brain